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Yan Painless Concept
 Traditional Method


By this concept we offer an "ERP Software" (Enterprises Resource Planning) which leads to a Document Less Systems, Effortlessly & Bother-Free Sustaining ISO Certification, Monitoring Resources, Monitoring Business Performance, Certify & Sustain Without an Expert that too by Spending just Half an Hour a Day.

   Painless ISO Program.
                     Painless ISO Certification.
                                       Painless ISO Maintenance.
                                                                  Painless Computerization.

                                                  Achieved through a Software “ISO ERP”

Just Feed the Data be certified or maintain any certification

  • Manreqa™  facilitates the company to certify one month from the day of loading.
  • Manreqa ™ maintains certification by spending just half hour a day.
  • Depending on the Products category Manreqa ™ replaces ISO documents up to 95%.
  • Manreqa ™ is a ERP, which computerizes various department & also takes of ISO requirements.

We hold the knowledge and expertise, which shall lead in transforming the organization to achieve competitiveness by way continual improvement & ready to face the challenges of tomorrow’s ever changing market. Our consulting assignments are based on the Scientific & Value Based Systems Study, Simplified Q A Manual & Procedures, Focused Prominence on Formats Designing, Simplified Training Methodologies & added to these we Experts in developing Software’s in line with any ISO requirements.

We consider our strong points as

  • TQM approach in Systems Development.
  • Formats development with Software Design Approach. 
  • Simple and Practical Systems.
  • Simplified Training Methodologies

ISO-ERP i.e. Software which complies with ISO requirements & thus document less systems.


  • Virtually Document Less Systems.
  • Computerize Right from Customer Order to Invoice.
  • Ready made inputs for Management Review Meeting.
  • Have Control on Men, Machine, Materials, Production & ISO.
  • Focused Data Analysis.
  • Internal Audits by Software Itself.
  • Automatically Generates all Types of Identification Tags.
  • Status of the NC Level in the Company.
  • Know the Reason as why the NC & Done by Whom.
  • Self-Improvement by way of Failure Analysis.
  • Easily Understandable, Simplicity & Automation.

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