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Mr. P K Joshi (Managing Director) a Management Consultant was an “IRCA” (UK) Lead Auditor, was a member of “ASQ” (American Society of Quality) a Life Time Member “IAPQR” (Indian

Association for Productivity Quality & Reliability. Calcutta), Trainer, Statistician, Data Base Designer & Software Programmer.

Being Trained by,
1) Texas Management Consultants (Dubai) assignments covering all over Gulf.
2) Douglas OHI LLC (Oman).
3) Al Turki LLC ( Oman).

4) B G Shirke (India), have provided Value Based Consulting Services focused on Re-aligning the Business Systems, Tailoring the ISO Standards to the Existing Systems using System Design Tools like SADT, SPSS & SAS, Systems Measurement & Training on the Various Quality Management Principles, Tools & Techniques with in the organization.

Being a Lead Auditor Mr. PK Joshi have certified various Companies to ISO Standards on Behalf of Certification Bodies with QCB--Canada & B M Trada—UK.

Mrs. Rukmini P Joshi (Director) an ISO Trainer, Mathematician, Statistician, Software Architecture & Programmer Leads the Software Division.

Yan Inception:

We have come into Existence Based on knowledge & Experience noticed from the a) Failures  of the already ISO Certified Companies, b) Certification audits i.e., Third Party Audits & c) while Providing the Consultancy Services to already Certified Companies.

Considering the above three & we have evolved as a company to be facilitators to accrue the benefits from the ISO certification to the clients. Basically we are a Management Consultant’s providing the Solutions for the various Business Sectors. The Solutions include realigning the Business Systems. Develop Software’s as per the realigned systems, while development Tailor various ISO requirement in the ERP itself, So that the ISO Program is simplified. Provide Consultancy Services for various ISO Standards and Training on various ISO subjects.
All the activities like Management/Any ISO Consultancy, ISO ERP & Software Development, MR & ISO Training are under one Roof.

To support activities, Our own we have three Divisions:

                                  1) Consultancy Division.

                                  2) Software Division.

                                  3) Training Division

All the three divisions are supported by a team of In-sighted Consultants experienced in almost all kinds of Business Sectors, a Team of Soft Statisticians competent in using & applying various Statistical Theories, a Team of Hard Core Software Engineers Competent enough to use the IT as a Tool & convert the ideas in developing the Unmatched Programs/Products.

Policy & Vision:

Be a Trend Setter in the ISO Consulting Fraternity, by providing value-based consultancy through In-depth existing systems study, Proposition of the solution to Plug the Loop Holes & methodologies to achieve the customer’s vision. We shall design formats so that the systems & Data’s are readily analyzed. Simplified, Situation Based Approaches & Methodologies for training on the proposed solutions, & various ISO requirements.
Design & Develop own Technologies i.e. concept based ERP’s ensuring various customer’s vision, Best Practices & any ISO requirements are precipitated in Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP). Resulting in Simplification of attaining & maintaining any ISO Certification “Present & Future” to any Business Sectors.

Developed ERP’s to automatically create environment and awareness in client’s day today functioning for Self Improvements, Importance & Realization of Non Conformances, ISO Benefits, Best Management Practices, Production Losses, Quality Losses, Customer Satisfaction & Dis-Satisfaction, NCN Ratio to Sale Value.

Creation of authorized training partners i.e. Training Institutes where any minimum qualified candidate is trained, to serve his Organization in achieving and sustaining ISO Certifications painlessly & effortlessly, reducing administrative and ISO recurring costs to his Organization.
Establish “yan brand” by supporting the client endeavors in their transition towards the Developing World to the Developed World. And subsequently into other areas like, Management, Human Resources, Financial, Strategic, Brand Establishing & its Marketing 

The vision is achieved by 1) Joint Ventures 2) Inviting & joining hands with Knowledgeable Investors 3) Employing dynamic smart & intelligent candidate’s, allowing to groom by listening the opinions, considering & applying the intellect, making him-in under standing yan style, Approach & Methodologies by our Documented Systems inline with international Standards & also Managing Director’s own personal attention, Supporting him Socially, Psychologically & finally creating the proud team “yanians”.


Provide appropriate Solutions to manage efficient & effective Business, by yan concept where ISO Certification is achieved Painlessly & the Client’s vision is turned into reality.

To achieve the customer’s vision into reality, the concept applied is;

1) Various ISO Standard & Clients Vision as a Tool in Designing & Tailoring the Organization Systems thus achieve the Certification & Vision.

2) Information Technology to implement the Designed System ensuring Document less System & effortless implementation.

3) Statistics to Measure the output of the Designed System & analyze the Customer’s Vision.


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